Click any of the features listed below to see examples of Clients' websites:

  • Advertising?
    We built an expanding video ad for Nike Sparq that was a very successful campaign. We also build advertising into websites. Displaying ads using any of the ad/affiliate networks is a great way to monetize your website.
  • API Integration?
    This stands for 'Advanced Programming Interface' and refers to a way for a website to provide other websites different ways to access and use information. Letting people login to your own website using their Facebook account is an example of using the Facebook API.
  • CMS?
    This stands for Content Managment System and it is software to help you build and manage your website content. The top open-source products are Drupal and Wordpress but some applications need custom solutions.
  • Collaboration?
    Tools and information to bring like-minded individuals together to interact world-wide or locally.
  • Data Transformation?
    Searching, sorting, parsing, spidering and converting data from one format to another.
  • Ecommerce?
    Sell your products and/or services online using shopping carts, sales funnels, coupons, loyalty programs, credit card purchases, monthly subscriptions, etc.
  • Email Marketing?
    Manage your subscribes/un-subscribes and create dynamic newsletters. Integrate your CRM with your email newsletters to increase your company's sales.
  • Entertainment?
    These features tend to be the most engaging to the audience. Some website components are focused on purely on entertaining the interested audience. This may be in the form of a game or a compilations of news from your favorite sites or a blog.
  • Hi-Traffic Performance Tuning?
    The application architecture for a high-traffic website must be carefully considered to make sure the website can handle all of its users with out slowing to a crawl or stopping we service altogether. A variety of changes may be made from tuning Web server and Database configurations to integrating with a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Location-based Content?
    The use of location-based searches is on the rise with the use of smartphones. These automated features in your website can help your users to find what they are looking for much faster than manually entering zip code, etc.
  • Mobile?
    Every website should be accessible from mobile phones and tablets. This means the site's layout and features need to be created and tested with mobile devices in mind. Also, Mobile Phone apps can provide special functionality that your website may not be able to give your users-on-the-run.
  • Security?
    Whether you are managing financial transactions or just newsletter subscriber lists, your data's integrity is important to you and your users. Our clients have included banks and federal governmental agencies. We will provide bank-level security as needed.
  • SEO?
    Who doesn't want their website found by Search Engines? All of our websites are built on a strong foundation of Search Engine Optimization. We integrate as many best-practice SEO features as your website allows. We don't practice any SEO "black magic" but we will do everything possible to give the Search Engines what they are looking for in your website.
  • Server Administration?
    Your cloud server, your way. Your web server will be managed for optimum performance and minimal downtime.
  • Special Promotions?
    We use these components to build buzz for clients with contests, raffles, games, video/audio ads. Some websites and ads are built for limited-time offers and product promotions.
  • Theming & Design?
    Building websites today often involves using an pre-built "theme" and then customizing for your needs. Often there is a need to build new components in to your website and make sure they match the current theme. We are masters at tweaking themes to fit your needs.