Listed below are the main services offered. Click a category to see examples of clients' websites:

  • Product Management?
    Creating an online business as a sales tool for my clients has been a part of every website project I've worked on. I enjoy taking a product from the concept phase all the way through to building sales for the client's business or selling off the new product to another company as a technology acquisition.
  • Programming & App Development?
    You name it and I've built it on the WWW. From websites to blogs to vlogs to chat bots to SMS alarm clocks to contests and games.
  • Website Hosting & DevOps?
    When you have a website it is "hosted" on a computer connected to the Internet. Clients' websites are hosted in high security, high availaibility network operation centers. These are major website companies **ACRONYM** Type II certification. I work directly with these companies to provide you with a personal level of service.